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How much should a live wedding band cost?

JM Admin

1 min read

May 17

Okay so you've recently got engaged and you're on the hunt for an awesome wedding band but have no idea about costs! Let's break it down and see how much you should expect to pay - I'll make it quick!

Live music musicians usually charge around $400-$500 per gig depending on how long they're required to play for. For a standard 5-piece band, 3-4 sets of music for the reception, factoring in travel, admin & extra costs, expect to pay around $3000-$3500. Most wedding bands offer music for your Ceremony & Canape for discounted rates. (heavily discounted might I add)

Now, this may be a big chunk of your wedding budget, but remember, the wedding band brings life & fun to the whole night! Make sure to put aside enough funds for the entertainment aspect of your special day. Ensure you do your research before selecting a live band.

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