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4 Reasons you should book a Live Music Wedding band

JM Admin

2 min read

May 25

So you've just surprised your loved ones with your Engagement news! Hooray- now it's time to start the frantic googling & researching for your wedding! Let us help you out with 4 reasons why you should have live music for your Wedding Reception.

  1. Bigger energy! You'll have a handful of professional musicians rocking out your fave tunes with incredible energy. The band will create an awesome atmosphere with your guests to ensure it's a night to remember!

  2. Tailored & Unique covers Your wedding band can incorporate any requests made, for example: Aunty Janet wants to hop on for a song or 2 - no problems! Watch the band adapt to Aunty Janet's version! If your program is running a little behind and you need to cut off a song early - your band can ensure this is done professionally and smoothly!

  3. Genuine Live entertainment We all know how incredible live music concerts can be - imagine having industry professionals playing songs to you up close and personal! This provides an unreal experience for all your guests.

  4. One-stop music shop! Generally, your wedding band can offer discount rates for your Ceremony & Canape. If you've booked them for your reception alone, consider ticking off the whole music aspect off and book them in for the whole day! You're not only minimizing costs, but will only need to liaise with 1 vendor for all things music. Wedding planning should be a exciting process, let your live music wedding band assist in looking after you!

We hope this has helped with your selection process! Keep doing your research and feel free to enquire with us for any questions you may have for your special day.

Congratulations and remember to keep calm & let your vendors take care of you!

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